Third World Congress in Positive Psychology
June 27 to 30, 2013 in Los Angeles
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Honouring Your Emotions:
Why It Matters

by Johanna Vanderpol

What if we thought that emotions were a good thing and stopped apologizing for them?

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Emotional Intelligence (EI) in the Workplace. Learn:

the value of emotional intelligence in the workplace
the definition of emotional intellience
your personal EQ by taking the quiz
recognize the benefits of EI in productivity, morale and the bottom line
the value of emotions with the value of reason
the RHUME™ model of applying EI
other EI competencies and skills
results of case studies
"the plan"

The StressSolutions™ Seminar. Learn how to:

recognize your internal stressors
identify your unique stressors
see that changes are possible
create an action plan that works
feel the difference in your stress level
have a buddy system to help you
experience significant changes in the course
continue creating and maintaining changes that lower your stress level

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Increase Your Emotional Intelligence - a self-coaching 21-day program to integrate emotional intelligence into your thoughts, feelings and actions

  • Do you wish you could hire a coach to move through your emotional challenges but find it too costly?

  • Do you wish you could increase your emotional intelligence and make it sustainable?

  • Are you tired of emotional ups and downs?

  • Would you like to feel emotionally resilient so that life's challenges don't throw you off centre so easily?

Then, this course is for you. You will receive one e-mail lesson every day for twenty-one days with new ways of thinking and feeling, and an action step to take for the next 24 hours. These lessons are usually something offered only in one-on-one coaching services. But now, I have created a way for you to receive the information and assignments you need to increase your emotional intelligence and create the opportunity to make it an automatic part of your life. You will also receive access to additional resources that will strengthen the integration process of emotional intelligence into your life. This is a valuable program. These are science-based lessons. As well, over the last seven years I have been applying them in my own life and can tell you that they work. I have put an end to 35 years of chronic depression as a result of what I have learned and applied. Just think what it can do for you! If I can do it, you can do it.

But how much does it cost, you ask? How about 21 days for $21 US dollars! Yep. That's right. For less than the price of one teleclass, you get a 21-day course that you can apply in your own life, at your own pace and return to it as often as you like (repetition is a key to integration).

And, when you subscribe to this program, you will be automatically included in any special upcoming offers, such as a monthly newsletter and group coaching by phone to reinforce learning and to keep it fresh in your mind and body until it becomes automatic. I do not give out your e-mail address to anyone.

Don't hesitate. He who hesitates is lost. Buy it now through PayPal. It is a secure commerce system that accepts your credit card. I look forward to your subscription. Go ahead. What are you waiting for? If not now, when?

$21.00 USD



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