Honouring Your Emotions: Why It Matters by Johanna Vanderpol

What if we thought that emotions were a good thing and stopped apologizing for them? This book by Johanna Vanderpol will show you the true value of emotion, free you from having to deny them anymore, and start using them in the ways they were meant to be used. Book: $19.95 CAN., $17.95 USD.; E-Book, $14.95 USD.



Jumpstart Your Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Happiness - 4 part Audio series

Do your emotions sometimes get the better of you? Do you sometimes feel driven by them? Would you like to use the true power of your emotions to attain the happiness in your life that can be truly yours? Would you like to reduce the stress in your life? During this 4 week program you will delve into ways of honoring your emotions and transform your life. You will learn to recognize your emotions, how they manifest in your body and understand the message that each emotion is giving you so you can act appropriately on the message and avoid many chronic and acute physical ailments. 4 part Audio series, $39 USD for all four 1 hour programs.

Self-Coaching 21-day e-mail program

Increase Your Emotional Intelligence - a self-coaching 21-day program to integrate emotional intelligence into your thoughts, feelings and actions

$10.00 USD.

"You are my new Marianne Williamson! Thank you for providing us with this new insight for our profession. It was most enlightening and uplifting. Would you consider speaking at our medical conference?"

- From a seminar presented to mental health professionals
in Michigan, November 2001