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June 27 to 30, 2013 in Los Angeles
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Honouring Your Emotions:
Why It Matters

by Johanna Vanderpol

What if we thought that emotions were a good thing and stopped apologizing for them?

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Emotional Intelligence (EI) in the Workplace. Learn:

the value of emotional intelligence in the workplace
the definition of emotional intellience
your personal EQ by taking the quiz
recognize the benefits of EI in productivity, morale and the bottom line
the value of emotions with the value of reason
the RHUME™ model of applying EI
other EI competencies and skills
results of case studies
"the plan"

The StressSolutions™ Seminar. Learn how to:

recognize your internal stressors
identify your unique stressors
see that changes are possible
create an action plan that works
feel the difference in your stress level
have a buddy system to help you
experience significant changes in the course
continue creating and maintaining changes that lower your stress level

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The Key to Happiness - 4 part Audio Series

I am not going to do the long drawn-out screens and screens of why you should buy this program. I am just going to list the concerns it address, the benefits to you and the exact items included in the purchase price. Here goes:

Why you should purchase the audio program Jumpstart Your Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Happiness:

  • Do your emotions sometimes get the better of you?
  • Would you like to use the true power of your emotions?
  • Would you like to reduce the negative self-talk in your head?
  • Would you like to eliminate the conflict between your head and your heart?

Benefits of this course:

  • You will receive experiential exercises that can transform your life.
  • You will learn to understand and act on the message of your emotion and reduce chronic illnesses and increase physical health.
  • You will learn to replace negative self-talk with self-compassion and experience the benefits of this powerful way of living.
  • You will manage your emotions without suppressing them or expressing them in ways that damage yourself and your relationships.
  • Increase positive emotion and emotional resilience so you can handle the challenges of life feeling competent.
  • Discover the congruency between emotions and cognition, between head and heart. It is not one at the expense of the other. They work best together.
  • You will work on the four foundational emotional competency skills.


  • Four downloadable audio files in Real Audio format - 4 one-hour classes
  • Manual of Class Notes & Assignments including all handouts in Appendix
  • BONUS - Slide show Intro to Honouring Your Emotions $19.95 value
  • BONUS - e-book Honouring Your Emotions: Why It Matters $14.95 value
  • BONUS - Article Top Ten Ways to Honour Your Emotions

Buy it now. You can’t go wrong! Enjoy. E-mail me at if you have any questions.

Purchase the direct download of:

The Key to Happiness" through PayPal now!

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$39.00 USD - 4 Part Audio Series
(four 1 hour audio programs)


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