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Speaking at the "People For Peace Conference"

Exploring Dance Improv.

At the "Writer's Spa", New Mexico

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"No one ever went blind from looking on the bright side of life."

- Author unknown


Johanna Vanderpol is a visionary who is putting into action her part in contributing to the unification of the globe.

Johanna envisions a world where everyone is contributing their unique gift to the wellness of the human race, where we work together to create a world free from the extremes of wealth and poverty, prejudices, inequalities and injustice.

Since 1991, Johanna has owned and operated a business as a consultant specializing in all aspects of computerized accounting systems. Since 1999, she has been researching and speaking on Emotional Intelligence and her business has evolved into coaching and consulting services to help clients achieve their visions by developing their unique potential. The business has become very successful as a result of her recognizing the fact that emotions of the owners and employees of the business played a key role in its success or failure. Johanna has been able to develop coaching strategies to help her clients move through and manage this unclear and sometimes vulnerable space.

Johanna provides workshops and is currently continuing her research in the field of emotional intelligence and how it can be incorporated into all aspects of society, including the education curriculum and the workplace. She lives in Cowichan Bay, British Columbia, Canada with her sixteen-year old son.

Johanna Vanderpol

January 08 - Life Directions Intensive Conference, Vancouver, BC - one of 30 life coaches assisting audience of 400 for 4 days

January 08 - presentation to book club, Langley, BC

February 08 - focus on starting second book, increasing coaching practice and promoting speaking engagements

March 08 - tele-speaker, Coachville an online community of 70,000 coaches worldwide

April 13/08 - spoke to women's gathering of 30 on 5-step method of processing emotions

April 22/08 - speaking at Bolen Books, Victoria, BC about my book

May 10/08 - speaking at Regional Toastmasters Conference, Nanaimo, BC on RHUME™ model of EI

May 28/08 - speaking to Organizational Development group on EI and the model in my book

A year beginning with designing new programs and further researching the exciting field of authentic happiness, positive psychology and emotional intelligence.

February 07 - book presentation - CMHA

March 07 - personal development week, presented international teleclasses

April 07 - one day workshop, attracting Law of Attraction using emotions, Cowichan Bay, BC

May to July 07 - monthly workshops on Law of Attraction and Emotional Acumen

July 07 - seminar, Tofino, BC

July to November - off with a shattered elbow (ouch)

November 07 - teaching Monday evening 4 week program on Honouring Your Emotions at Malaspina College

January 18/06 - seminar, Café Matisse, Duncan, BC

January 21/06 - one day workshop, Camp Narnia, Shawnigan Lake, BC

February 20/06 - keynote speaker, North Vancouver Writers Association

March 21/06 - keynote speaker, Probus (retired business professionals), Duncan, BC

April 5/06 - presentation, Rotary Club, Duncan, BC, 48 attended

April 10/06 - seminar, Volume One Bookstore, Duncan, BC

April 24/06 - guest speaker, Psychology Class, Maxwell International Baha'i School

June 27/06 - seminar, Cowichan Family Life at Alexander Family Resource Centre, Duncan, BC

September 23, 24/06 - booth and presenter at the 12th Annual BC Women's Show in Victoria, BC, 8,000 to 10,000 people attend the show each year

October 13/06 - presentation, Rotary Club, Duncan, BC

October 20/06 - live broadcast as keynote speaker at conference in Ontario to educators of gifted children.

Book distribution: (online) -,,, (Duncan, BC) - Gallowglass Books Ltd., Volume 1 Books, Wishes, (Victoria) Munro's, at presentations, VIRL, Vancouver Public Library, West Vancouver Memorial Library, Banyan Books, Vancouver. Dempsey Distributing, Vancouver.

Monthly Emotional Intelligence Newsletter to subscribers (can sign up on website)

The Citizen, Duncan BC - November 2005
The News Leader, Duncan BC - July 2006

Shaw Cable - The Daily, Duncan BC - April 2006

November 16/05 - book launch, full house, Mellowside Jazz & Arts Lounge, Cowichan Bay, BC

November - Initial Book Launch of First Edition of Honouring Your Emotions: Why it Matters was an outstanding success. People were literally lining the hallways. Standing room was full. Sixty-six percent of people who attended the book launch bought the book. A wonderful and uplifting event for all.

November - Gave a workshop on Honouring Your Emotions at a retreat on Vancouver Island called "Women Inspiring Women"

October & November - Published the Feature Article, Part I & II on "Children's Emotional Intelligence and their Physical Health" in "Children of the New Earth" magazine.

October - Published print version of my book titled Honouring Your Emotions: Why it Matters. Now available for purchase on my website on the products page.

September - published an article entitled Increasing Positive Emotions through Emotional Intelligence in Synergy, a magazine dedicated to body, mind & spirit. See

September - published an article entitled Helping Our Kids Develop Their Emotional Intelligence Through Art in Northumberland Kids, a magazine based in Ontario.

First Half of Year - preparation to relocate from Ontario to British Columbia, Canada. Drove 6,000 km across the country with my son to settle on lovely Vancouver Island, BC. - a test to my own emotional intelligence and resilience and a wonderful success story for the - the easiest major transition I have ever made attributed to honouring my emotions and pace.

Completed first book in e-book format in May titled Honouring Your Emotions: Why it Matters. Now available for purchase on my website on the support page. Print copy coming soon.

Taught Raise Your Emotional Intelligence seminars at The Learning Annex, Toronto, Ontario, Canada in March, April, May.

Gave Lecture to students at Trent University on Emotional Intelligence: A Psychospiritual Perspective in February and November.

Taught Jumpstart Your Emotional Intelligence teleclasses, a four-week series in October.

Created Jumpstart Your Emotional Intelligence audio series available for purchase on my website on the support page.

Created Raise Your Emotional Intelligence - a 21 day e-mail self-coaching program available for purchase on my website on the support page.

Completed the 24 week training program to become a Certified Coach in the Authentic Happiness Program from Dr. Martin Seligman at the University of Pennsylvania.

Developing programs on 15 EI competencies and 5 step method of processing emotions in virtual and live forms.

Completed first book in e-book form called Honouring Your Emotions: Why It Matters (it’s at the editor’s).

Guest Speaker: 50 Debt Counselors, Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

One day workshop, Spirituality Centre, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

Guest Speaker: 100 Probus members, Burlington, Ontario Canada.

Taught course on EI at Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

Attended the Coaching Intensive Conference in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Took two university courses on Emotional Intelligence.

Guest Speaker: 200 Principals at York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Guest Speaker: 75 Mental Health Professionals Conference, Michigan, USA, 2001.
Attended International Conference on Emotional Intelligence, San Francisco.

Exploring and applying research on Emotional Intelligence since 1998.


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