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Third World Congress in Positive Psychology
June 27 to 30, 2013 in Los Angeles
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Honouring Your Emotions:
Why It Matters

by Johanna Vanderpol

What if we thought that emotions were a good thing and stopped apologizing for them?

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Emotional Intelligence (EI) in the Workplace. Learn:

the value of emotional intelligence in the workplace
the definition of emotional intellience
your personal EQ by taking the quiz
recognize the benefits of EI in productivity, morale and the bottom line
the value of emotions with the value of reason
the RHUME™ model of applying EI
other EI competencies and skills
results of case studies
"the plan"

The StressSolutions™ Seminar. Learn how to:

recognize your internal stressors
identify your unique stressors
see that changes are possible
create an action plan that works
feel the difference in your stress level
have a buddy system to help you
experience significant changes in the course
continue creating and maintaining changes that lower your stress level

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Johanna is an emotional well-being author, coach, speaker and trainer sought by individuals and organizations from many spheres of society. She is the creator of the new and groundbreaking RHUME method the first of its kind in the field of emotional intelligence. It teaches people to move through emotions in a way that improves physical health, well-being and success.

Johanna has been teaching people how to honour and manage their emotions through workshops, seminars, courses (including international tele-classes) and coaching since 1998. She is the author of numerous articles published in magazines and online. Some of her recent articles on Emotional Intelligence are in Children of the New Earth a magazine in California, USA; Synergy a magazine of mind, body and soul in British Columbia, Canada and The Link a magazine of mind, body and soul in Ontario, Canada. Her book Honouring Your Emotions: Why it Matters is sold internationally.

Honouring Your Emotions is simply written and full of profound wisdom and practical advice on how our emotions, when Nordstrom Discount Code appropriately managed rather than suppressed, can guide us toward a more joyous, richer life. I heart-ily recommend Johanna Vanderpol's beautiful little book to everyone.

- Dr. Candace B. Pert, PhD., Author of Molecules of Emotion

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Personal and Executive Coaching

Professional Coaching is a results-oriented practice that helps you clarify where you want to go in any area of your life and helps you get there. It is a support structure devoted exclusively to you that moves you through your challenges and allows you to achieve your goals. How many of us haven't quite got a handle on where we are going in our lives or have trouble following through? This is where coaching comes in. It can be applied to your personal or professional life. Companies are recognizing the high value of hiring an executive coach for their managers.

Johanna brings the benefits of clarity, motivation, focus and confidence to your life. She embodies the qualities of enthusiasm, focus, dedication and perception to her coaching practice. She helps you get to what's "really" going on underneath it all and creates activities for you each week to help you move forward and feel the difference right away.

Johanna creates a coaching plan customized to your needs and also creates coaching programs in the following areas:
Executive Coaching - Creating business goals that increase morale, productivity and the bottom line for you and your organization.
Emotions Coaching - anxiety, grief, depression, stress reduction.
Life Makeover Programs - The Perfect Foundation Program addressing your social, financial, intrapersonal, career and other needs.
Visions Coaching - define your vision for 2007, the next 5 years or a special project and make it happen. If not now, when?
Law of Attraction Coaching - bring the law of attraction or Nordstrom Promo Code manifesting in your life. It doesn't have to be hard and you don't have to do it alone.
Optimal Life Coaching - Your life is okay? Good. But how about having an optimal life. Find out what the science of living a flourishing life has to tell us and design a program to make it happen for you.

Sessions are conducted in two to three one-hour sessions per month by phone so distance doesn't matter. More than 70,000 coaches worldwide conduct effective coaching by phone everyday. The sessions include follow up e-mail service and extra resources when necessary.

If you would like to see if coaching is right for you, e-mail Johanna at or by phone at 250-597-2765 to set up a complimentary 30 minute coaching call.

As a personal and executive coach she helps clients:

___ identify their strengths.
___ understand and manage their emotions.
___ find and follow their true career.
___ be the best in their chosen field.
___ eliminate long-standing depression in their lives.
___ remove the physical and psychological clutter from their lives.
___ live a simpler and more enjoyable life.

A Coach:

___ is your supportive partner
___ specializes in the unique challenges of your area
___ helps you identify and move past your obstacles including fear
___ helps you get it done


"Johanna is amazing. Together, we broke through my barriers on physical, emotional and spiritual levels...and it was fun!"

- Arden Rutherford, Personal Coaching Client





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